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NFFAR has a foster network for adoptable pets.  Once an inquiry about a specific dog or dogs is made, we contact the prospective adopter to explain the process, which is outlined below.  Please note that the application does not necessarily have to be completed prior to meeting the dog(s).  We encourage people to make a thoughtful, committed decision to adopt a dog.  A dog, especially a puppy, has its challenges.  Housebreaking, separation anxiety and training are considerations when you are contemplating making a canine friend a member of your family.  He or she will repay you unconditionally!

Our dog adoption fees, which are tax-deductible, are:

1 dog = $250.00     2 dogs = $450.00

Step 1: Complete our Dog Adoption Application

Step 2: We will put you in contact with our NFFAR foster so a convenient meeting time may be arranged to meet our wonderful doggies!

Please note: If you already have a dog, a meeting with your dog and the dog you are considering adopting will be arranged at a neutral location for both dogs.  The outcome of this meeting will determine whether the adoption process moves forward.

Step 3: A home visit is conducted

Step 4: The dog is delivered to your home by our NFFAR foster