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The National Foundation for Animal Rescue (NFFAR) is a no-kill animal rescue organization based in northern New Jersey. NFFAR is an all-foster network committed to helping cats and dogs in need of homes.

Our purpose is to provide medical assistance, foster homes, and adoption services to previously lost, abandoned, abused, or neglected animals in the New Jersey area as well as assisting animals and people in other states. These animals are dependent on our commitment to care for them.

Almost all the animals we rescue require immediate medical attention. NFFAR never turns away or euthanize an animal because of the expense involved in returning them to good health. All of our rescued animals are evaluated for temperament, examined by a veterinarian, vaccinated, and spayed or neutered, if age appropriate. They then receive monthly flea/tick preventative. NFFAR provides these animals with happy, healthy, well loving foster homes. Many of our foster homes have children, other cats, dogs etc. This means that our cats are exposed to a variety of different environments which makes them well rounded. We look for adopters who understand that pets should be full participating members of the family. Our hope is that these animals never have to experience being unloved again.