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NFFAR was founded in 2003 as a local animal rescue organization with a national vision and achieved federal tax-exempt status in 2004.

The National Foundation for Animal Rescue (NFFAR) is an organization whose primary mission is diminishing the population explosion of homeless animals through ethical and humane means.

NFFAR believes that no animal should be killed because it is homeless.  This includes feral, wild, and domestic creatures that have been the victims of human irresponsibility and those that have lost their habitats due to human encroachment.  The foundation provides care 365 days a year for many of these abandoned animals.

NFFAR’s approach to the feral cat population explosion is through TNR or trap-neuter-return.  The cats are humanely trapped, spayed, neutered, vaccinated and returned to the area they call “home.”  Volunteers, in cooperation with each respective property owner, place shelters and feeding stations in inconspicuous locations and maintain these colonies daily.  Through this method, the cats live out a sustainable existence, their numbers dwindling naturally. 

NFFAR’s adoption/foster program for companion animals has achieved great success.  To date NFFAR has placed more than 600 pets in permanent loving homes and special-needs sanctuaries.

Tactical rescue is a unique component of the foundation.  NFFAR’s Tactical Rescue Operations Team responds to the most challenging types of animal rescue.  Whether it’s confined space, high angle or post-fire scene, our qualified operatives are ready to roll!

Helping the financially challenged with their pet’s medical expenses is another facet of NFFAR’s mission.  These cases are evaluated on an individual basis.  We encourage people to take advantage of our everyday low-cost services such as spay/neuter and microchipping.

We strive to educate the public about homeless and abandoned animals and responsible lifetime-commitment care.  PLEASE HELP US ACHIEVE OUR GOAL!