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In May of 2016, NFFAR’s TROT received an urgent call for help for a kitten, suspected to be behind a wall, inside a foreclosed home that for sale.  The house was in significant disrepair.  The prospective buyer had entered the home and was greeted with a pitiful meowing sound.  As she desperately tried to pinpoint the source of the crying it suddenly stopped.  Not knowing what to do next she called an animal rescue friend from Pathway to Hope, who in turn contacted NFFAR.  TROT was activated and responded to the call.  After literally taking down part of a wall and digging through the debris, a tiny emaciated kitten was found.  Her deceased littermate was beside her and their anxious mom was outside the house looking in.  The kitten was nursed back to health by our friends at Pathway to Hope and the mom cat was spayed and put in their foster care.